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Successful start for the staff of the Nuremberg sheltered workshop (WfB) at STAEDTLER®

"Working here is great, I enjoy it”, says Helmut Lamprecht of the WfB.

He is one of twelve employees who have been working externally for STAEDTLER since 13 February filling packages by hand; he explains what his colleagues feel. All of them are full of praise: First of all, the food – it is excellent, “hardly comparable to our workshop”. Next, the relationship to the staff of STAEDTLER, which has been open and straightforward from the beginning.  Issues are discussed immediately, a fact that provides security and inspires confidence – for both sides.

All employees have their own access chip. Even a separate kitchen including a spacious break room has been provided. Whether birthday celebrations, small parties or therapy sessions: the room is perfect.
Such enthusiasm about the new job is, of course, also noticed by the former workshop colleagues, and quite a few of them have registered for an internship at STAEDTLER.

“If things continue to go this well, we’ll have two groups on site by the end of the year”, says a pleased Reinhold Stiegler, WfB project manager.

Cooperation with the Friedrich Staedtler school

Neighbourly help

In April 2010, the local primary and secondary general school ‘Schule im Knoblauchsland’ was renamed after the lead-pencil maker Friedrich Staedtler, first mentioned in Nuremberg’s city annals in 1662.

STAEDTLER has maintained close ties with this neighbouring primary school for many years already and actively cooperates with it in a number of areas. The renaming of the school constitutes both a strengthening and intensification of this already existing partnership.


In the mutual endeavour to interest young people in the economy and help them in their choice of future profession, STAEDTLER gives preference to suitable applicants from the Friedrich Staedtler school when it comes to filling their vacancies for placements and apprenticeships.

In addition, the company offers interview training courses and guided factory tours in order to provide pupils with an insight into the workings of an industrial company and to prepare them for life after school.

Ever since the conversion of the secondary general school from half-day to flexible all-day schooling last September, pupils from the Friedrich Staedtler school have been able to have their lunch at STAEDTLER’s works canteen at subsidised prices. The company’s head chef offers good and healthy meals and caters to the taste of his young clientele.

In sponsoring these and other activities, the company is involved in the region in an active, long-term capacity and feels closely connected to its Nuremberg roots.


STAEDTLER® supports the ‘Klabautermann’ organisation

On a regional level, STAEDTLER supports the non-profit organisation ‘Klabautermann e.V.’ and, thereby, is helping look after chronically ill children in Nuremberg’s ‘Suedklinikum’ hospital.

STAEDTLER has been supporting the ‘Klabautermann’ organisation for a number of years now. In 2007, STAEDTLER donated 50,000 euros towards the construction of an after-care house and has continued to sponsor the house ever since. In doing so, the company is helping build a bridge between the hospital and the home.

This means long-term support for the close cooperation between the children’s clinic, outpatient nursing service, doctors and other competent helpers of ‘Klaubautermann’ and, consequently, better care for the children.


It is particularly important for young patients to be able to express themselves with colours and shapes.

Drawing and craft-making can help the recovery of young patients.
STAEDTLER is keen to support the children during this important convalescence period and therefore provides the ‘Klaubautermann’ team regularly with a variety of writing instruments and creative products.
We are planning to stage a series of FIMO workshops in the aftercare house in the future where young patients can find out what kinds of things modelling clay can be used for.

This will enable the young artists to foster their creative thinking and make their world a more colourful place.

STAEDTLER® supports the Nelson Mandela Foundation

Nelson Mandela and STAEDTLER's managing director Mr. Axel Marx.

STAEDTLER supports the Nelson Mandela Foundation and sponsors the publication of a comic dealing with the life and work of Mandela.
To round off this cooperation between STAEDTLER and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, STAEDTLER's managing director Axel Marx and Nelson Mandela met in South Africa.

The goal of the comics is to convey the basic underlying principles of a free society and a sense for one’s own history. More than one million copies of the comic were distributed free of charge in South Africa – 500,000 in schools, 500,000 as newspaper inserts and 1,000 copies to mine workers.

Mr. Mandela's biography is divided into nine chapters, with each episode to be published as a 28-page comic. The 5th episode of the Mandela Legacy comic series entitled Prisoner 466/64 is sponsored by STAEDTLER.

The comic describes the period from 1964 to 1982 during which Mr. Mandela was incarcerated on Robben Island.

The Madiba Legacy Series is aimed at reaching South Africa's youth audience. It traces the lives of Mr. Mandela, his family and close comrades in the context of South African struggles against colonialism, segregation, apartheid and global marginalization.

The comic book initiative is part of the Foundation's overarching aim to promote
Mr. Mandela's values.
Easier to read than conventional books, the comics are aimed at those beyond reach of other kinds of written media because of poverty, illiteracy, geographic isolation, technological barriers and underdeveloped reading cultures.