efficient for ecology

Ecological AND efficient at the same time – STAEDTLER products are “efficient for ecology“

The protection of the environment, the consumer and the employee hold a very high degree of importance at STAEDTLER.
A fully-integrated and uniform environmental protection programme is a natural part of our environmental philosophy “efficient for ecology.”

Long before the emergence of the many eco-standards and environmental seals, STAEDTLER was already demonstrating corporate responsibility through environmentally friendly processes and self-imposed eco-controlling.

STAEDTLER® acts ecologically

Already during the development of the product range, we have set an ambitious standard that our products are to be environmentally compatible, long-lasting and offer a high user benefit.

Through a self-imposed eco-controlling programme, STAEDTLER products often fulfil many ecological criteria from the very beginning.

Raw materials and energy are used as sparingly as possible and close attention is paid to recycling possibilities and reducing the amount of waste and refuse.
In this manner STAEDTLER, as a tradition-based company, wishes to ensure that our products and their production burden the environment as little as possible.


STAEDTLER® acts efficiently

Through high environmental consciousness, savings take place at all levels.
The goal is a reduction of CO2 emissions in all processes.
The products we develop are clever, environmentally compatible and above all efficient for the user as well.

We at STAEDTLER place high importance on the longevity of our products – because something that lasts and lasts doesn't have to be replaced for a long time.

Customers place high demands on our products, which are known throughout the world for their quality.
Transparent and customer-oriented information about product features and their environmental friendliness conforms to our corporate service philosophy.
This applies to proper handling and disposal of the products as well.


Ecological added value from the very beginning

At STAEDTLER we place high value on taking the entire ecological value-added chain into consideration.

Existing products and manufacturing processes are continually reviewed for optimisation possibilities and whether they comply with “ecological efficiency.”

The purchase of raw materials as well as production complies with international and particularly stringent European guidelines.

Through the unique and completely PVC-free manufacture of mechanical pencil leads we – as the largest manufacturer of mechanical pencil leads in Europe – achieve environmentally sound production at our headquarters location in Germany while complying with the highest demands for quality.


Continually improved formulations increase the longevity of the products and thus the degree of ecological efficiency.
And when product solutions from STAEDTLER are not only environmentally friendly, but also durable, long-lasting and have a high user benefit, they are considered “efficient for ecology” by STAEDTLER.

In the creation of new processes and search for new materials, we allow ourselves to be inspired by nature.

Product highlights developed from bionics are absolute “world's firsts,” such as our coloured leads with the Anti-Break-System (or A·B·S for short).
Especially efficient and ecological here is that the richly coloured, high-quality lead core is surrounded by a unique white protective coating, providing significantly higher break-resistance of the lead.

As it doesn't need to be sharpened as often, the service life of the pencil is increased, thereby offering a higher benefit for the user.


Or product solutions with the innovative “DRY SAFE“ ink technology:

STAEDTLER writing instruments with this technology, such as the pens and markers of the Lumocolor range, remain ready for use even when used for extended periods of time.

They can be left open for days without drying out.
Here as well, maximum user benefit is found in the considerably extended product service life, meaning that the products do not need to be replaced as often.


And not to forget our STAEDTLER mechanical pencil leads with outstanding characteristics and one of our “efficient for ecology“ products par excellence.
Effortlessly and with a smooth writing feel, the lead glides across paper and drawing card leaving behind a jet-black, even graphite line.
They are universal and suitable for all mechanical pencils.

The unique feature: they are produced in an absolutely ecological manufacturing process – without PVC or any softening agents. Due to their high elasticity, our mechanical pencil leads are especially break-resistant.

STAEDTLER works intensely to come up with further innovations that live up to the description “efficient for ecology.“
As one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany, STAEDTLER is proud of its long production tradition and will strengthen and maintain it into the future.
To ensure lasting living and environmental quality, all production processes at STAEDTLER are subject to the motto “efficient for ecology” today and in the years to come.

This philosophy is understood as an incentive to continually work on future-oriented processes and product improvements in the interest of the user, efficiency and the ecology.