Quality - Made in Germany and international

STAEDTLER is proud of its long manufacturing tradition in Germany.

All over the world, MADE IN GERMANY is regarded as a guarantee for top quality.

In addition to many user benefits, STAEDTLER brand quality also means product safety. After all, many of our products are designed for use by children. Top priority is given to ensuring that the materials used pose no health risk and that the products are safe to use.

The entire value chain is taken into account when controlling the quality of our products.
From the early stages of development and the selection of raw materials right up to the finished product itself and its subsequent transport - quality standards for all sectors within the company are defined and subject to continuous examination.

In order to ensure that children are not hindered in their creativity, we make certain that our products are of the highest possible safety standards. We here at STAEDTLER have therefore voluntarily imposed extremely stringent minimum requirements for our development and production departments.

It goes without saying that we also comply with the strict European standards. In order to offer consumers more safety regarding composition, warning signs and content, STAEDTLER products are clearly labelled with easily comprehensible symbols: All products which are designed for use by children comply with the European Toy Safety Directive and are labelled with the CE symbol.

We attach top priority to maintaining the trust and satisfaction of consumers.

The brand name STAEDTLER is synonymous with the promise that our products are safe and reliable and can be used by both children and adults alike at no risk whatsoever.

When it comes to our products and customer service, the standards we set are high. A consistent, sustained system of quality management ensures that these standards are met and maintained.