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World Kids Colouring Day - Colouring moves the world!

On World Kids Colouring Day, initiated by STAEDTLER in 2008, children not only move a pencil, pen or crayon, they move the entire world.

Every year on the 6th May, budding artists put their ideas to paper on an annually changing theme and bring them to life. Afterwards, the works of art are given to family and friends in exchange for a small donation which goes towards supporting different educational projects around the world.
As ‘children colour for children in need’ is the motto of every World Kids Colouring Day.

The money collected in Germany, for example, is donated to projects run by the SOS Children’s Villages, an aid organisation which has been standing up for the needs and rights of children for almost 60 years now. 

Everything you need to know about the World Kids Colouring Day will be available soon on our parents & teachers section.