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Managing director of the STAEDTLER group: Mr. Axel Marx

Mr. Marx, what is STAEDTLER's position on 'the future, digitalisation and the link between the digital and analogue worlds'? What chances do writing instruments have in this age of tablets, smartphones etc?
"Both worlds – digital and analogue – are legitimate in their own right. In those phases of our life dominated by speed and efficiency, digital media are unbeatable. However, where creativity is required, when it's time to develop or perfect new concepts or even to begin to learn how to write and draw, the speed has to be throttled in order to give ideas space to evolve. That's the moment we reach for our traditional, trusted writing and drawing instruments again, highly valued for their outstanding haptic characteristics."

Facts & figures on the company STAEDTLER®

Percentage manufactured in Germany:approx. 80 %
Export quota:over 80 %
Number of employees:
  • over 3.000 worldwide
  • 1.200 in Germany
Production plants:
  • 9 worldwide, 4 in in the Nuremberg metropolitan region
STAEDTLER locations:
  • 27 worldwide
Business partner representatives:
  • in 150 countries
Largest European manufacturer of:
  • Wood-cased pencils
  • OHP pens
  • Mechanical pencil leads
  • Erasers
  • Modelling clays
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