Ideas from STAEDTLER® go around the world!

STAEDTLER is located in 27 countries worldwide.

More than 80% of all STAEDTLER products are still 'Made in Germany'.

This makes STAEDTLER, with its three production plants in the Nuremberg metropolitan region, the largest European manufacturer of graphite pencils, coloured pencils, erasers, mechanical pencil leads and modelling clays.

STAEDTLER®'s journey round the world at a glance

Source: GNM, Nuremberg, Library

Johann Sebastian Staedtler was the first to come up with idea to ship his pencils all over the world and to have them inspire people of many different cultures.

From 1840 onwards he was represented at the most important exhibitions and proud to present his products. 

International momentum for J.S. Staedtler started in 1853 at the first World’s Fair to be held in New York.


In recognition of his outstanding performance and top-quality pencils, he was distinguished with awards and medals of honour in Nuremberg, London and Paris.

By the year 1866, the company's sales network had already become expansive and included Austria, France, England, Italy, Russia, America and the Orient.

STAEDTLER employees in the 19th century

By 1870, he had a workforce of 54 employees manufacturing more than 2 million pencils highly valued the world over.

STAEDTLER Headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany

In 1988, the company’s head office was relocated from the Nuremberg district of St. Johannis to a new site in the northern periphery of the city.

The convenient motorway and airport access and central location within the city triangle formed by the towns of Nuremberg, Fuerth and Erlangen are ideal factors for securing the further development of the company.
As a result, a modern new building complex was erected on a 47,000 m2 site in Nuremberg-Neuhof at a total investment of around 130 million DM.