Finest leads

Compared to pencil lead, mechanical pencil lead is actually a relatively new development. At the outset of 19th century, there were already pencils on the market that weren’t encased in wood and which had a twist mechanism for advancing the lead forwards to the tip. 

The idea of using lead to write with was nothing new, the challenge was however to develop a lead that was so thin, it wouldn’t need to be sharpened at all.

One key factor in the development of STAEDTLER mechanical pencil leads was the discovery of carbon fibres which provide the lead with strength and elasticity at a minimal weight.

STAEDTLER mechanical pencil leads have been manufactured since 1967 and are made up of over 90% natural raw materials.
They are produced in a unique, ecological manufacturing process – without the addition of PVC or softening agents.

This means that STAEDTLER, Europe's largest producer of mechanical pencil leads, is able to operate an environmentally friendly manufacture of these products in Germany.

The outstanding quality of our mechanical pencil leads ensures an effortless and smooth-gliding writing experience. Whether used for writing or drawing, STAEDTLER mechanical pencil leads leave rich, jet-black and even graphite lines and are also extremely break resistant.

Erasing without smudging and crumbling

Mistakes are easy to make when writing or drawing with graphite or coloured pencils and need to be removed without leaving a trace.

With our erasers, accurate and virtually residue-free erasing results are guaranteed.

Thanks to the minimal crumbling, problems like smudging and damage to the writing surface are a thing of the past.

The manufacture of STAEDTLER erasers is clean too – completely without the use of phthalates and latex.