Leather in a new look

This latest STAEDTLER innovation turns 'printed leather' into unique pieces.

Although members of the Staedtler pencil-making family may once have thought that ink was only for dipping quills into when something needed writing down – this no longer holds true today.

Ink is so much more than that – and can be used for so much more too. STAEDTLER’s latest invention – Lumocolor Jet Ink – is turning the world of design, fashion and decoration on its head.

In 2011, we caused a sensation with our development of a water-based ink which enables leather to be printed on without the feel or look of the material being affected in any way. Whether for accessories or for the shoe, clothing, car or furniture industry ... when it comes to giving ‘leather products’ a totally new face, the sky’s the limit!

Further information about STAEDTLER INK JET, the technological leader for specialty inks in the sector of continuous jet and large format printing, can be found here: www.staedtler-inkjet.com