The pencil – heart of the company

The pencil has been a trusted companion in everyday lives for many centuries now. More than 81 percent (source: Statista, 2011) of Germans use pencils on a regular basis - for example, to note things down or make a sketch of something. It is, however, not quite clear where its origins lie.

What we do know is that already in the 17th century there were so-called 'lead-pencil makers' practising their trade in Germany - in the Nuremberg region in particular.

One of the pencil pioneers was Friedrich Staedtler, an ancestor of our company founder. He made pencil making his main profession and references to him in Nuremberg's city annals date back to 1662.

He was the first craftsman to make pencils from start to finish - from the lead and the cutting of the wooden stick right up to the finished pencil itself. Although his actions were in direct violation of the Nuremberg Council which had determined that this required two different trades, his actions prepared the ground for the entire pencil-making profession.

Two professions required to manufacture a pencil

For cutting the graphite:

  • Lead cutter
  • Lead melter

For further processing:

  • Carpenter
  • Gun stocker
  • Knife handle maker
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